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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Interact with A.I

November 1, 2018


Chatbots are ‘bots’ that work on Facebook Messenger. It is a messaging service or software that is entirely automated, which uses artificial intelligence to talk with people. The service is a low barrier to entry for both the fan, and yourself (the artist), as its the 3rd most used application in the world.


These bots have been programmed and designed to understand questions, answer questions and carry out tasks. It can be said that from the customers point of view, it is seen as a time-saver, friendly to use and an easily accessible feature. If someone needed information regarding an event, or you almost anything you program it for, the bot removes the need for your fan to call you or your management, download a specific application, using a search-engine or even looking up a website, that person could just send a message to the bot as if it were a person. It would respond with the relevant information, thereby automating this process. These chatbots have been around for a considerable amount of time and they currently operate on various websites, social media services and downloadable applications.


The easiest and most accessible chatbot to set up is one that operates within Facebook messenger. You could even integrate the chatbot with your ticketing service. It can be noted that Facebook currently has upward of 300000 chatbots that are active on its messenger service. This number has tripled since 2017.


If this is of interest to you at all (and it should be), we’ve provided some options below in order to get you started in the world of A.I and chatbots:



ManyChat is known to have a much simpler interface when compared to its competitors, and by far the easiest to use showcased on this article. It is most convenient for the design of simple bots. If the conversation becomes very complicated or intricate, message organisation can become a tad clunky.


On a positive note, the service has a variety of tools that can assist in the promotion of the bot, as well as assessing the analytics provided. Starting out, its free to use (which is amazing), however once you’ve hit a preset subscriber amount, you’ll have to start paying for a Pro account.



Chatfuel can be seen as one level up. It is known to be the biggest in regard to self-serve platforms for Facebook Messenger bots. The service boasts a rather admirable list of clients which include Netflix and TechCrunch. The interface seems natural enough for people who don’t have any coding skills, or a background in coding. Developers get some extra options though, as it does allow you to edit the code directly for a vast amount of customisation. Building the bot itself is free on this service, however the more complicated tools is only found on its paid accounts, Chatfuel Pro.


Both services are very good, it just comes down to weighing up your pros and cons, and deciding what you require out of a service.






















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