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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Ticketing, your Event for Success

November 1, 2018

Ticketing and ticketing services can be an integral part of operating your own event. As an artist, you’d want easily accessible services in order to reduce the stress of your having your own event. as well as making sure you’re paid for your performance. At the end of the, if you’re not getting paid, you’re get played. 


A ticketing platform allows you sell tickets for the events you hold. Its an easy way for your fans to gain entrance to your venue, as well as lending a helping hand in terms of being able to judge demand.




There are many ticketing platforms available, and as with anything, ticketing being no different, there are various things to consider. It can be very time consuming not knowing what to look for. We’ve highlighted this, so we can make your day just a tad more stress-free.


Consider the following when picking your service:

  • What are the cost of booking fees? Some services take a set percentage of your ticket sales, some have a set price which is based on the price bracket of your tickets and sometimes it can even be a combination of both scenarios.

  • Are there customisation options? Can the images and ticket names be edited?

  • When is payment deposited into your account?

  • Is the service easy to use for the purchaser?


If you have your promotional materials already posted to social media services like Facebook or Instagram, you could customise your ticketing service to match the marketing materials for continuity. The two platforms listed below offer great customisation access and ease of use:



This service allows the customisation of tickets, which includes customising images, the background as well as ticket naming. It offers an effortless purchasing experience, and can be an appealing option. The service also has the ability to integrate with Facebook. This will allows your fans to buy your tickets directly on Facebook itself with no need of leaving the social media site. If your fans utilise Facebook (most people do in the digital age), this service has the potential of being a great choice. 



Ticketebo, the second service we’re providing insight on, has an even higher amount of customisation. The level of customisations consist of photo, content, custom ticket-naming as well as video embedding on your sales page. Rich content is always a positive, so its great that the service is customisable to this extent. The booking fees are on the lower end of the spectrum as well. The gift that keeps on giving.



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