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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Live Stream Your Event

November 1, 2018


There are various live streaming services that are available for use, some of these will be looked at below:


Facebook Live

This service is integrated directly into the Facebook social media website and platform. It allows people, pages as well as public figures to share and stream live video content with the followers that you have on the platform. The service allows you to interact with the people that are viewing your stream in real-time, via a chat function. It also allows you to observe the reactions you are receiving to the video, live. This will help you measure if the stream has been pleasant in the eye of the viewer. After the stream ends, the video is published onto the page of initial stream, so that those who had missed out on the stream, are able to still watch it at a later time. The live streaming service can be operated via a Facebook profile on both the Android and iOS Facebook application, as well as the Facebook Creator app. The service is free to use.


Instagram Stories

The live video service allows users to instantaneously connect with your followers. By going live on Instagram, an in-app notifications is shown to all of your followers (unless they have opted out, and are opted in automatically), which states that you are currently live. Once live, your followers can join in on your stream (if accepted by you of course), and stream both visuals simultaneous. This can be extremely useful when wanting to live stream with another person that is in a different location to you. The service provides some useful information whilst live, this includes the amount of people viewing stream and provides the ability to leave comments by your followers. When the live stream has ended, you have the option of sharing the stream. These replays stay on your story feed for 24 hours, once these hours are up, it gets archived (unless highlighted on your profile). The service is free to use.


Both services are extremely popular amongst artists. We recommend using both social media platforms to stream content, as the form factor is different between each service. Instagram usually providing more of a vertical experience, and Facebook providing either horizontal or a vertical experience for the end user.


The use of live video streaming, as an artist, is a great way to promote yourself, events and an easy way to interact with your fans and audience, as well as being able to expose new music or anything else you fancy with a minimal outlay.


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