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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Download Gates: A New Wave Of Artist Promotion

November 1, 2018

Download Gates are an efficient and effective way fo increasing your follower count on social media, as well as being somewhat of an interactive experience for your fan to gain access to your content. 


So what exactly is a Download Gate? A Download Gate is a website that you re-direct your fans to when you’d like them to acmes something specific that you’ve released. It could be a new song or even a video. The ‘gate’ integrates itself into your social media and music streaming accounts, and operates by asking your fan to subscribe to, or follow one of your accounts in exchange for the download you provide, thereby opening the ‘gate’. It was very popular for upcoming artists to use gates, which help drive their promotional campaigns. You could even connect a ticketing service, providing tickets or even a discount code for an upcoming event of yours.


There are a few Download Gates available, and we’ve highlighted some below:


Artist Union

This service is free to use. It provides an artist toolkit and a music promo network which is available to us on both the Android and iOS platform. Music is hosted on this service. It features various options within the gate, these include; SoundCloud follow, favorite, repost and commenting, YouTube subscription, Facebook page likes, Spotify account and/or playlist follow, Snapchat account follow (soft gate/pop up), Email and even a donation service.


The donation service can be enabled, which will let your fans donate via their credit-card. Unfortunately PayPal integration hasn’t taken place at this moment. 



Hive is a huge service when it comes to Download Gates. It is promoted more so as an engagement toolkit instead of a gate. This is due to the in-depth analytics which really sets it apart from its competitors. However, the service is not free. Hive was the service in the gating market, and its experience shows. The gating service provides all the bells and whistles, things you’d usually expect; Facebook page and URL like and URL sharing, Twitter follows or tweets, Instagram follows, SoundCloud follows or reposts, YouTube subscribing or video embedding, Spotify account and/or playlist follows, Snapchat follows, Pinterest follows, photo uploads, Q&A, website re-direction and referring a friend.


It’s a relatively large list that most competitors cant offer. However, it is the analytics that the service offers which helps justify it being a paid platform. On a ‘Pro’ plan, you would receive analytics on the people who’ve downloaded your content. This will include a list of followers on engagement as well as their own influence on social media. 


The service generates a database of sorts, which includes analytics. It allows the user to create filters based on demographic characteristics, these include age, location, influence and engagement level. You’re able to export their contact details and email addresses. The majority of the information is extracted via Facebook authentication, which is needed to unlock a Hive Gate. 


Taking both services into account, if you are new to gates, Artist Union may be the way to go until you’ve familiarised yourself with gating operations. However if your current gating service isn’t cutting it and you’re looking at moving into something more expansive, Hive definitely deserves a look into. 


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