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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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The Australian Major League | Manu Crooks

August 28, 2017

If you have an Australian top 5 list and Manu Crooks is not on it, you're doing it wrong. Go back, really listen and then come back with your correct answer.


Manu Crooks is a Sydney resident who has been putting his city and this country on the map for quite some time now. Releasing constant hits, pushing that DOPAM!NE sound like his local affiliate Anfa Rose. Manu Crooks is not only riding the new wave, he is the new wave!

The boy recently toured Australia with UK superstar, Stormzy, and Crooks puts on a show. Cool, calm and collected on stage he simply looks at home. With his signature autotuned vocals and driving bass sound he effortlessly gets any crowd jumping in unison.

With over 3 million streams across the board, it's seriously hard to ignore this Ghanaian/Australian rapper. Manu Crooks has some of the catchiest hooks to come out of Australian hip hop to date but he also brings the bars and that is so rare! This month has seen him release his highly anticipated debut EP, "Mood Forever", and its fire from the second you push play.


"I deserve to brag a little/ But I don't want to brag a little/ All that talk is for the little boys/ Tell them boys they gotta keep it real/ Whole team on amazing/ New wave that we paving/ I ain't trying to say I'm running shit/ Cos all that talk is just irrelevant." - 'Under Pressure'


"Day Ones" is a wavey ode to those who have supported him since before his rise to the spotlight. After speaking on his love for his fans and believers, he takes us into the rest of his EP by shouting out his team and it is hands down one of the coolest opening tracks we have ever heard come out of Australia. We cannot wait for the video. 


"Touchdown" is a side of Crooks that we don't usually get to see, up until the release of this "Mood Forever", as he speaks on his woman. Touching down and having his priorities straight, wanting to see his girl. We can only logically assume this song was written whilst on tour. In "Under Pressure" we get an insight into the level of hard work this man puts in as he vows to not fold under pressure but stay humble despite having literally every right to brag a little.

"Ridin'" was his first single from the EP, another one for his lady. An honest account on what it is like to be in a relationship in 2017 let alone handling those kinds of pressures whilst simultaneously taking over an entire country. In Romeo, the man takes the classic "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" for a super catchy hook on a "What a Time to Be Alive" inspired track. 


The final track, "All They Way" feels grand. Classic keys before Manu's vocals and the base kicks in sets a real mood. Crooks promises to not slow down at all and to be honest that is exactly what we wanted to hear after listening to 22 minutes of pure gold.


Long story short, we absolutely love what this man has been and continues to do!


Get familiar with Manu Crooks before he goes on tour with Tory Lanez and click here to get your tickets before they sell out!



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