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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Kudzai | An Australian R&B Revolutionary

August 2, 2017

It's no secret that Australian music in general is going through some kind of renaissance period and this man right here is one of the artists responsible for this. Meet Zimbabwean born Melbourne resident, Kudzai. The 24 year old vocalist has had a busy 12 months, releasing 5 heaters on his soundcloud and facebook pages that each show the diversity he has to offer.


About a year ago, he made sure that we were aware of his commendable vocal ability when he released his pop ballad titled "In Love All Night". Beautiful background vocal runs and lyrics designed to make his female audience melt as he serenades them all night.


"Grow old with me/ I wanna laugh at our stories till we're both weak"

He then started 2017 off by teasing a new project titled "Memoirs. Of Tomorrow". This saw a trap banger titled "Blessings". On this song not only do we get to hear that they boy can spit but that he also began this year feeling immaculate. Enlisting the help of Sparrow & Yorke, this song was nothing short of a hit and still is. Kudzai's soundcloud post wore the caption "Here's a track that I worked on for Memoirs of Tomorrow, my upcoming mixtape! Decided not to put this on there and there's lots more that I didn't put on there but here it is anyways!The memo is when I first got the idea after in the shower and I decided to record it just in case. Hope you enjoy give it a share!"

In February he blessed us again with yet another unofficial trap single that had heads bopping nationwide. "Balmain" features ILOVE & Yorke and the man himself flowing over driving base, 808's, quick fire hi-hats and snappy snares. Add a catchy hook and a couple vocal effects and you honestly have another hit!

Just a month ago we saw what looked like Kudzai really becoming a star. This time returning to his R&B roots but merging his motherland vibes with "Answers". The song sees the 24 year old take on the sound of an almost drake, Bryson Tiller, Young Thug & Trey Songz love child as he delivers a smooth sexy party track that never fails to get a dance floor full and live.

Then just when we thought mans had reached his pinnacle, he blessed us with the first offical video from the upcoming project he had teased us with 8 months ago, "Don't Lie". Before we get into the song itself, we do need to comment that the visuals are world class and Jam Aru Digital really did a great job! The beat starts off with these mesmirising vocal samples which lace a keys and guitar filled simplistic instrumental. Just as the drums hit, Kay smoothly slides in with a catchy hook. Again, we get to hear him effortlessly switch between real bars and his polished vocals. The song is short and sweet but honestly, it has us so excited to hear what "Memoirs." has to offer.


Long story short, everybody needs to catch up and get familiar with this man! As for you Kudzai, please do not keep us waiting too much longer. Congratulations for everything and keep doing what you are doing!




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