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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Tash Sultana | A True Artist, A Rare Breed

July 17, 2017

Tash Sultana, the twenty one year old musical genius we have all been obsessed with for quite some time now. With an iTunes chart topping EP, ARIA chart placement, heavy radio rotation and a live show roster that has and will literally span the entire 2017 touching down across the entire world. It is absolutely undeniable that Melbourne's latest power house is not only here to stay but this talented woman is changing the game with so much grace!



Completely self taught; she is a singer/song-writer, she Beat-boxes, shreds the guitar and is such a good vocalist that its almost unfair to call it natural talent. We haven't had the chance to see her live ourselves yet but have seen a tonne of videos and have never seen an artist from our generation look so at home, refer to the photograph above.



Earlier this year she released her debut EP titled "Notion" and it was beautiful. The EP can be described in four words if necessary ("It's such a vibe!"). But to be more precise its this ambient guitar fuelled, synth laced, minimalist demonstration of musical talent that sounds like it almost shouldn't even be from our time. It sounds like something the music God's themselves would have listened to whilst enjoying some trippy yet extremely majestic, heavenly get together. BTG favourites are basically anything she ever creates. Yes, we did just insinuate that we are fans for life! Also the boss gave the okay for that, so you know its true.


Jam her latest EP below if you somehow haven't already and if you have then jam it again.



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