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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Five Australian Artists You Need To Know About (A-Z)

July 7, 2017

It's the first week of the month which means it is time to highlight 5 Australian artists who are representing Australia so well that they deserve a frigging round of applause! Enjoy the list, let us know who your favourites are and share the love with your people.


Anfa Rose


Honestly, we don't know a lot about this guy but the mystery makes him that much more interesting! 


What we do know is he hails from Sydney and seems to be a real pioneer, if not the sole pioneer for Australia's trap influenced scene. Yeah, we are just as disappointed in ourselves for not knowing who he was years ago too. From scaling his social media handles, one would be lead to believe that he has been the driving force behind one of this countries biggest producers, DOPAMINE. 


Pen Game: Check

Vocal Tone: Check

Melodic Ability: Check

Cadence: Check

Greatness: Check



Anfa Rose has flows for years! Yes, you read that correctly, not days but years. He recently dropped a super slick track titled "I'm Good", he has been featured on several major apple music and spotify playlists. Anfa Rose, please come to Melbourne!




He is responsible for hands down one of our favourite Australian releases of 2017, definitely top 3, the other two are still pending.



Sydney, you're really putting on in this months list! Well at least we think he is from Sydney. To be honest, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that an Australian Artist has been repping our country on Beats 1 radio this year!


This is big guys, really big. The funny thing is that we have been jamming his music all year long and only found out he was Australian about a month ago. We don't think anybody realises the musical gold mine that this city is sitting on and BLESSED is walking proof of that oh so precious, pure gold.


Think Kid Cudi meets Hudson East with a sprinkling of Amir Obe. Yeah, he sounds as amazing as that reads. Seriously, get behind this man before some other country tries to steal him!


Oh and on last thing. Melbourne, he's in town this month. RSVP here.




Melbourne City does this really cool thing where you get these amazingly talented musical collectives like The Outside Inn and then that super dope collective gives birth to a sub-group like Cylo.


In case you don't already know these guys, we would love to introduce you to this bad ass, lyrically gifted, story telling, melodically amazing duo. Internet, meet Cylo.




These two musicians merge the old with the new, they mix dreamy and harmonic vocals with hard hitting rap bars laid over ambient instrumentals. Its literally a trip but the kind that you definitely want to go on over and over again.


They've shared stages with the likes of YG and Scribe and we hear that they give back to the city that made them through their event called Live Fast x Die Young. Seriously, what isn't to like about these guys? Have a listen and find out for yourself why we've kinda fallen in love.





I.E. is a Sydney resident who is simply one of the freshest artists that has ever been on any of our lists.


Sin City is really holding it down as far as melodic rap goes. This man here has had two releases that we are aware of this year. "Omw" which was featured on the WVS BIG SWELL compilation and "Slow Motion". Both tracks comfortably cement a clean industry standard sound, slick flows, smooth hooks and ambient beats that feature really cool vocal sample work.


Think OVO meets G.O.O.D Music and you have an idea of what you're in for with I.E. In short, he doesn't disappoint. His visuals even raise the bar, I.E. seems cool calm and collected. The man is comfortably making waves that cannot be ignored. Catch up or get left behind.



Last but most definitely not least we have Melbourne queen, Janeva.


This is probably the most infectious artist on this entire list. Seriously, she is so good that she doesn't even need a write up, a link to her music will have you infatuated. She released her debut single earlier this year and it has received nothing but applause! Another artist who has been placed on several curated playlists, her one and only single titled "You & I" has amassed over 60k streams across platforms in less than 6 months. THATS CRAZY!


She's been praised by Triple J unearthed, she has just signed a global publishing deal with Sony/ATV and she is simply amazing. Janeva, congratulations on the success and BTG cannot wait to come to your next show!




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