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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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NOAH │ NO1 (no1drug)

June 30, 2017


NOAH is a mysterious artist, never photographed showing his face in the same way H.E.R. has kept a level of mystery around who she actually is. I found NOAH randomly through SoundCloud as I do with a lot of low key artists I listen to. I think the first song I ever heard was “Girl I Know”, a smooth RnB banger off his 2017 mixtape Feeling in Color and he struck me as a talent right away. I listened to the whole project on repeat for a few weeks and at the time I was going through some difficulties in my life. I was heartbroken, under-employed, broke and struggling with a prolonged period of depression so I related to a lot of the things he was singing about. It takes a lot of courage to speak out about mental illness when it remains so deeply stigmatised and misunderstood. I think it’s important to find music that you can connect with that helps you to deal with the challenges in your life. One track in particular “ALONE” stands out to me as an anthem for mental illness like Kid Cudi’s “Confused” (Acoustic), dealing with suicidal ideation, self-harm and debilitating depression and loneliness.



NOAH talks about “ALONE” in a post on Twitter and says “When I made the song “alone” I cried during the second verse. The feeling is real nobody gets it nobody understands it depression is real”. “Alone Part 2 (Here We Go Again)” on Feeling in Color is a mellow extension exploring this narrative.


Instagram: @no1drug


Feeling in Colour, released on April 15th, is a well-produced, poetically written alternative RnB/Soul mixtape. The project gained traction quickly with over 2 million streams in the first month, despite a lack of features. The tracks that really stood out to me are “Stuck On Stupid”, the sound of heartache, and “To The Women”, a chill sexy ballad. Another track, “Facetime for 30”, produced by Dorante, is a story being told from two people’s perspective. The song has gained a lot of attention and has a cruisy mellow beat.


Recently, NOAH had his very first interview by Matt Pittman for Revolt TV which can be viewed below.  



NOAH says 11102 references the place he’s from and a quick google says that’s the postcode for Astoria, New York City. Feeling in Color chronicles, as NOAH says, “memories, things that I’ve been through, things that other people have been through” and explores a range of emotions from frustration, sentimentality, sadness, happiness, realisation and overcoming difficulties.


He has a few previous releases such as NO11102 and Before I Leave some of which is still available on SoundCloud. Notable tracks off these are “NO11102”, “ALONE”, “Changes”, and “ONLY1”. He releases songs occasionally which he sometimes deletes shortly after so it’s better to keep your notifications on if you want to keep tabs.

NOAH is a rising crooner of RnB and Soul. He is an artist with an unselfish realness and honesty that aims to learn and grow along with his fans. He was recently signed, possibly with Sony Music, so he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves as an artist. He’s currently extremely underrated but I’m sure that he’ll continue to release quality projects and glow all the way up. I can’t wait to hear them. Highly Recommended.

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