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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Artists To Watch | Kaiit

June 21, 2017


Take a girl who seems to have a comfortably cool aura about her, extremely comfortable in her own skin, a little bit goofy and with the voice of a soulful goddess. Give her a smooth jazzy/neo soulful beat and leave her to sing about love, self love and being a natural woman. Okay, cool. Now you have an image in your head of our new artist to watch, Kaiit.


From what we were able to find online, Kaiit is a 19 year old Melbourne girl who is new to the scene but making a splash nonetheless. Having signed with Alt. Music Group, the same people who handle François (an artist who made one of our top 5's), the soulful queen has only recently made her debut with a song aptly titled "Natural Woman".


"yeah I prefer this you instead"



The song begins with late night rendezvous with a lover who sees past the make up uttering the words "yeah I prefer this you instead". The hook is laced with beautifully sung jazz scats before she takes the second verse speaking on leaving love behind, chasing dreams and aspiring to be like fellow queens Venus and Serena Williams in the pursuit of a tennis career before this persistent lover enters the scene once again uttering those words which sound so sweet to her. She takes the song out with a cool bridge in her slick rap-singing style where she reveals that this song could actually be a contrast of her first two loves. One being a material love (the mysterious lover boy) and the other being her aspirations of being a tennis superstar (which we assume was her aspiration before somebody told her she needed to share her voice with us all - Thank you to that person).


Basically, we are in love with the vibe of this track, Melbourne city is really putting on for this country lately and Kaiit is proof of that. Alt. Music Group, you're clearly on to something and Kaiit, we approve of your message. One love.




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