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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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360 | Devils Advocate

June 20, 2017


"You've been lied to, everything you've ever thought/ The devil is the banker with the money funding every war"


Earlier this month 360 blessed us with an offering of his "God Mode" and we loved it. This morning he blessed us again with "Devils Advocate". The former was a heavy hitting trap record basically reminding the country that 6 is back and back with a vengeance. "Devils Advocate" is a return to his more boom bap roots and good lord does he bring the bars! Poking fun at society as we know it and speaking on the corruption that we have become so accustom to within the last few decades.


"They brought me kids aged 11 and 12 and blamed the terrorists hell and never mentioned all the oil that they getting as well."


The first verse sees him take on the persona of the devils advocate, speaking from the perspective of a hell raiser sent here to mess with everybody and everything. The second verse presents an Eminem-esque vibe as he speaks of choking Soulja Boy and selling his daughter to Al-Qaeda, it's at this point that he really gets into the real gritty stuff highlighting the corruption in America, the bankers and so much more. The visuals are simple yet so effective (#ILLUMINATI) and as we said last time, we are so glad to have you back. 360, welcome home!




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