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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Five Artists You Need To Know About | Special NZ Edition (A-Z)

June 6, 2017

Every year in May, the world celebrates New Zealand music with New Zealand Music Month (NZMM). We decided that although its June, we would do a write up of some of our favourite NZ artists right now. Before we begin, NZ music is in an amazing place right now as you are about to find out. Enjoy the list and do not sleep on this guys!




Introducing Karmadella! The first on our list is a DJ/production duo from Palmerston North (Somewhere in New Zealand's north island). We didn't initially know a lot about these guys apart from the fact that they make amazing music. After doing a bit of research, we discovered that Karmadella is made up of brothers, Rory and Taine Noble who come from the prominent New Zealand music family of musical geniuses (Cam Noble, being Melbourne's resident keys prodigy).


Signed to Jupiter Republic Records who are a subsidiary of Warner Music NZ, these guys are clearly on to something HUGE! If you don't believe us, listen for yourself below.




Kerowaii is a Papua New Guinean born, Christchurch (Somewhere in New Zealand's south island) based alternative hip hop artist. His style is almost like what Russ would sound like if sang a little more. Super chill, melodic, poetic and really easy on the ears.


He recently released a teaser video for his new single which is the first off his up coming project titled Mango Tree. If this single is anything to go by, we cannot wait for the project. Get behind this guy, we definitely are.


Mikey Dam

Palmerston North must be putting something in their water because they have made the list for a second time. This time with one of our favourites on this list, Mikey Dam.


Signed to FIVE AM and closely affiliated, managed actually, by Noble Music Group (which is no surprise really, the Noble brothers seem to be the plug in NZ) Mikey Dam graced NZMM 2017 with his new highly anticipated mixtape titled MNO.


The production on this project is ridiculous and only compliments Dam's slick flows and lyricism. This is possibly the most industry standard project we have heard come out of New Zealand from any rapper to date. BTG favourites: Run for It, Ride with Me & Still Swimming. 


Stream the whole mixtape below.


Mikey Mayz

Without sounding completely uncultured, this next artist is based in a city most of us have heard of. Meet New Zealand's king of Soul and R&B (Yeah, we said it), hailing from Auckland City... Mikey Mayz!


Aside from having a voice that would make butter melting on toast jealous, Mayz is super interesting. Apparently he was born in Washington, USA, early on in his career he worked with vocal producers Dave Young (Mary J Blige, Letoya Luckett & Toni Braxton), Ryan Toby (Sister Act 2) and even rubbed shoulders with the one and only Justin Timberlake - A story we need to hear about if we ever get to interview Mikey.



These days, you can find him chilling with NZ power house independent music group, Juvenile Music (Donell Lewis). Earlier this year, saw the release of his freshman album titled "Alpha". Long story short, this album has single handedly set the bar for R&B in NZ at a level that at the very least needs to be able to compete with Elhae's, Eric Bellringer's and JMSN's out there.


BTG favourites: Winning (Feat. Donell Lewis), Set It on Fire & Solid. Decide on your favourites by streaming the album below.



We believe TAPZ used to hail from the windy Wellington City (The other city most of us would have heard of) although these days he's kind of based on a series of jets, green rooms, stages and studios around the world.


At 22 years old, this guy has possibly done more for New Zealand music than anyone on this list. Having being featured on Beats 1 radio, played at the ARIA awards and graced the stages of a plethora of festivals. TAPZ seems to be taking New Zealand hip hop to a whole new level! Forcing his way on to the global stage with his GOOD MUSIC-esque sound.


If you are new to New Zealand music and want to know where to start aside from the  rest of our list, we suggest you start here. TAPZ, give em hell son!


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