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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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New Music | Legooo By Donell Lewis & Kennyon Brown

April 7, 2017

The music scene in Australia and New Zealand is currently going through a major genesis era. What we mean by this is that it's 2017 and the new school is in full force and cultivating an evolution of music from this side of the world. Donell Lewis & Kennyon Brown are definitely leading the way for our entire generation.

If for some reason you are behind and missed the initial break out period, it's okay. You have some catching up to do but these guys are about to be everywhere! 

Having kicked off 2017 with their own Legooo tour in anticipation for their latest offering, this dynamic duo refused to stop. Going on tour once again around AUS & NZ but with this time they were touring with Kid Ink. They followed this up with even more touring, mostly around Australia. With all of this leading up to the release of what we are convinced is the AUS/NZ album of the year so far.

So let's talk about Legooo.


The album is 10 tracks long, a cool 33 minutes of melodic satisfaction. From start to finish this album is world class and sets an entirely new standard for music on this side of the world. The production across the entire project is wavy, upbeat, fresh and way too smooth all at the same time. Then enter Donell and Kennyon with melodies that simply can't be faulted and vocal performances to match.


The independent track killers then enlist a couple of verses from Sydney's very own Mistah Mez on 'Single' & 'Talk To Me' (Mez' verse on talk to me is one of the most slick verses we have heard from him!). The video above is the smash new single featuring Kaye Stylez and Kennyon also calls on a sultry verse from Bina Butta on a personal favourite from the album. Both feature artists who have now made it on to the BTG radar. Long story short, once you  listen, you will understand why you need to get behind these boys and why they are about to force the rest of the world to look towards this side of the world.

Before we leave you with the full album to get lost in the R&B goodness that is Legooo, it's time for favourites. In no order at all 'Bae ft. Bina Butta', 'Talk To Me ft. Mistah Mez' & 'Ride For You'. But the whole thing is amazing, trust us! Check it out below.







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