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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Five Australian Artists You Need To Know About (A-Z)

April 5, 2017

To commemorate our launch, we decided to put together a list of five local artists you should know about right now, from A-Z.




Kwasi, the latest addition to the WVS team, some say he is Melbourne's very own Travis Scott. With crazy production, filtered vocals and a ridiculous energy on stage, its no surprise that he was snatched up quickly. The Melbourne based musician recently released a high energy track titled 'Benzo Valentine' produced by HFNR featuring Reiis. Missing his next show on April 13th at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne is not an option.


Manu Crooks

Manu Crooks really speaks for himself. Sydney's finest. His latest smash hit 'Assumptions' was featured on Apple Music, Beats 1 Radio and basically every platform that breaks the freshest new music. Still independent, this young man is making ridiculous waves for the Australian music scene. Manu, BTG is down to party with you at your next show.



Nothing short of amazing and a true lyricist. She tells stories so vividly that you feel like you're there with her. Sonically, she's super easy to listen to. Utilising simple instrumentation, but this doesn't mean her music is simple. It's quite the opposite. Her latest single Ocean is doing more than making waves on the scene. Stream it below and follow her journey. We definitely are.



A difficult find, but with some team research, it turns out he's a Melbourne based producer/DJ, representing the Trap Six family. Frankly, we're beyond impressed with his work. His instrumentals surpass anything we've heard come out of Melbourne recently. He's latest drop, a super wavey track featuring Tiffany Dias (who we are still trying to find out more about, we want more :) ). if you like alternative R&B you are in for a treat. "That bass line though!"


Travy P

Travy P, currently leading the way for Brisbane right now. We've heard that he is one of WVS recent signings and his latest single features 'Manu Crooks', who also made this list by the way. We aren't even going to lie, Travy P has the hottest flow we've heard to come out of Brisbane in a long time. This bearded trap lord is going further than ever. Don't believe us? Just watch. 



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