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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Alice Ivy - Melbourne's Best Kept Secret

April 3, 2017

Take a girl with a German background, raise her on the Victorian surf coast, watch her fall in love with J Dilla, The Avalanches and Bonobo. Then sit back in awe as she begins to make beats, and leaves an all-female soul group who toured Europe to become Alice Ivy.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Annika Schmarsel aka Alice Ivy. 


I feel like writers enjoy calling artist's the best kept secret their city has to offer. You know? It's like a sense of pride thing. We feel like we have just discovered something great and we think that we've done it first.


This time I really think I have found this city's best kept secret. So much so that she isn't even in our city anymore and none of us even knew it! 


After an impressive 40 shows in 2016, Alice Ivy is playing at Knitting Factory Brooklyn in New York on 29 April coming off a successful 2017 Australian tour. I should probably add that of the twelve shows she did last year that I found, four of them were played in Europe. Yes, not only is she super talented but she is also already an international act.


It's safe to say that this Melbourne songstress has a ridiculously bright future and to be quite frank, it's time we jumped on board and helped her get to where she needs to be! Alice, if you ever see this, you just earned yourself an entire team of new fans. Keep winning.




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