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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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Who is Noah North?

April 2, 2017


Like most music lovers, one of my favourite pass times is to put on a random playlist and hope that I stumble across some fire. Now as you can imagine, this often results in a lot of disappointment. But sometimes, I stumble across greatness in the making. 


Meet Noah North, my latest find. Any avid Hip Hop listener understands how important it is for a rapper to make their crazy flows sound effortless. When I heard Noah's 'Progress', this is what initially stopped me from pushing the next button.


The curiosity hit me, who was this kid with the dope flow, real lyrics and a tone that almost belongs on radio? Or at least a lot of playlists. 


So I began trolling the internet to find out whether I had stumbled across a real contender or a kid who got lucky with that one dope song in a catalogue of average. Guess what? North is the real deal!


With over 1 million streams on his hit single 'GOAT' I began wondering how the hell had I not heard of the Austin rapper? Well I can't answer that question but if you don't know who he is yet, You need to catch up or get left behind.


Check out GOAT below.




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