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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

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How Chance The Rapper Is Single Handedly Changing Hip Hop Culture For The Better

April 2, 2017

Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images


The year is 2017 and a lot of traditional Hip Hop heads would claim that the culture has fallen apart. Rappers have become engulfed with notions of getting rich quick, Instagram stunting and making sure women are aware that they're not wanted unless they're 'bad and boujee'. What happened to not forgetting where you came from? What happened to repping for your city? What happened to bringing about change?


But then, almost as if the universe was listening to all the cries for legitimate answers to the questions I just put forward, in comes Chancelor Johnathan Bennett. Better known as Chance The Rapper. The 23 year old Chicago legend in the making gained his initial taste of recognition in 2012. Featuring on Childish Gambino's sixth mixtape, Royalty and even touring with the Atlanta star. The world was then blessed with Acid Rap in 2013 which if you haven't heard yet, you need to catch up on. Purely for the purpose of your own life fulfilment.


The years to come leading up to 2017 have seen Chance become one of the biggest hip hop stars today, with the success of his third mixtape 'Coloring Book'. Touring the world, winning three grammy's and doing it all as an independent artist. Which by the way does not happen, ever! But that isn't what makes him so important.


On Friday (March 31) Chance The Rapper announced that he was holding a press conference for Chicago Public Schools at Paul Robeson High School. This conference followed one which he previously held at Westcott Elementary where he donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Once again, live streaming the event to his instagram this game changing man ended his conference with another donation of $2.2 million after enlisting the help of the Chicago Bulls, Kanye Wests manager Scooter Braun and comedian Hannibal Buress.


Why is this important? Well, a couple of months ago I had a conversation with some friends about how a lot of African American people in power fail to give back to their communities. After much debate, we'd concluded that regarding hip hop artists, the culture just doesn't allow for the 'give back' mentality anymore. Most rappers these days are all about showing how much money they are making. As if you need to be wearing a platinum chain or driving a $500,000 car to have made it. Also, you need to make sure everyone can that you've made it, and still not give back to the people who helped you get there.


Chance The Rapper is changing this and I really feel like we need to commend him for his efforts. So many rappers talk about 'repping their city'. You literally cannot rep your city more than giving back to the future generation of your city.


That is how Chance The Rapper is changing Hip Hop culture for the better and this has been my two cents. Chancelor Bennett, we here at BTG, approve of everything you do.


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